Right Party Verification Overview


Digital Identity is enabling enterprises transform customers interactions. However fraudsters are also using new techniques such as synthetic and stolen digital identities to create fake accounts and access existing accounts.


Enterprises can protect themselves and their customers by using Right Party Verification and other Syniverse services such as Multi-Factor authentication, Phone Number Verification and Account Takeover Detection.

Service Overview

Right Party Verification enables Enterprises to reduce fraud during account registration and customer onboarding. Common use cases are during online bank account creation or loan approval, or during social network registration.

The Right Party Verification API is a REST-like server-to-server API and requires Enterprises to host the end-user-facing user interface and obtain end-user consent.

Enterprises can call this API to match end-user data such as name and address mapped to a phone number against Syniverse-sourced data originating from carriers and other authoritative third parties. The match results can be used to verify an identity during account registration to prevent registration with synthetic or stolen identities.    


API Call



This API call is used to obtain match scores related to the identity associated with the phone number by comparing the end-user identity to Syniverse-sourced data.