Phone Number Verification Overview


Mobile phones have become, for many, an essential part of daily life – linking families, linking business to customers, linking government to constituent and even linking stranger to stranger via communities of mutual interest. Businesses looking to optimize their customer relationship via text messaging can take advantage of:

  • Direct communication that is more likely to be noticed, feels less invasive and more likely to get a response
  • Convenient communication – a text can be sent from anywhere, at any time.
  • Reach further and across demographics – SMS text messaging is a fast, efficient way to reach your audience.

While text messaging is an outstanding way to connect with your customer; you are also responsible for ensuring protection of consumer privacy. The Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) in the United States is just one example of regulations in place to ensure companies gain explicit written consent from the consumer before sending voice or text messages.

Syniverse can help you balance getting the most out of text messaging while managing your contact database to ensure privacy. Our product, Phone Number Verification, helps you manage the phone numbers in your database to ensure a number has not been reassigned to another user after the original opt-in date. In addition, Right Party Verification helps ensure texts are sent to the right individual.

Phone Number Verification Service Overview

Syniverse Phone Number Verification is a REST-based API service that enables you to identify the current carrier (i.e. message routing), determine if a phone number is text-message enabled (Mobile Marketing campaigns) or categorize a "do-not-call" list for recycled numbers. The purpose of Phone Number Verification is to look up phone numbers and return a response (or with monitoring, a phone number event/change) via the API.

With the additional services, Batch Automation and Media Storage, batch processing of mobile number databases is supported. Batch processing allows you to submit a file with multiple phone numbers to be verified and we return a file to you with the results.

With our Event Manager service, you can also proactively monitor phone number changes such as deactivation or disconnection.

You can:

  • Perform a Single-Number Look-up: Enter a single number directly into the API call and receive a response back with the necessary information about that number.
  • Perform a Batch File Look-up: Enter multiple numbers into a formatted TXT file using E.164 standard (+12122223333) and receive a response file with information for all numbers in the file.
  • Perform Monitoring: Proactively monitor phone numbers via the Event Manager service and get notified when a phone number event occurs.