10 DLC Overview

10 DLC Service Overview

In order to facilitate 10 DLC provisioning activities to T-Mobile/Sprint, Syniverse requests its customers to access a REST API that helps adding/deleting numbers from a 10 DLC campaign. Syniverse will process the Add/Delete number requests and ensure phone numbers are provisioned/de-provisioned accordingly from T-Mobile/Sprint platform reporting back to customers via call back API Event Management integration.



DIRECT CAMPAIGN API: as a means to help Syniverse customers control their downstream partner campaigns (and all CSPs behind them) this API endpoints allow SUSPENSION (Including Removal from SDG) and RESUME options.

Users can find more details about this method in the Campaign Automation Details section as well as the specific API for: 

Note: this atuomation will produce a set of status changes as well as designated ESS status update evetns like this ESS example of "campaign_status": "SUSPENDED".


DCA-2 Election flows have been updated to reflect new TCR approval dynamics starting end of January 2023


About Automation and API versions

Syniverse’s API design addresses a broad number of use cases and MNO policies. The steps defined in this document are tightly connected to Syniverse’s messaging platform that handles messaging traffic in the CPaaS, SMS, and MMS routing layers.

We are constantly adding features and improving the usability of these functions, given that 10DLC Registration is still emerging in the industry.

On version 1: of this API we enabled the basic front end functionalities, and follow through ecosystem changes, new use-cases peak migration/registration events.


On version 2: we are keeping the data structures of our API while we are making significant changes to:

  • Simplified Documentation on HTTP and ESS Notification Events Error Codes including recommended action (INFO, RETRY, TICKET)
  • Self Service GET API to receive a list of all campaigns or get individual campaign details as well as application address details for Long Code and Number Pools
  • Increased HTTP REST API Responses and Validations to optimize Queue Management
  • Significant Syniverse Queue Management (HTTP Rate Limiting and API Quotas)
  • Improved Campaign and Long Code state control that address MNO's TPS and Parallel processing challenges


Additional Details:

The process to add numbers to a campaign on T-Mobile is different from the process of adding a campaign with AT&T; here some important differences:

a.       Unlike AT&T, unregistered traffic will NOT be accepted on T-Mobile/Sprint A2P Routes

b.       On AT&T, you just need OSR updates (phone number to campaign ID mapping) for the number to be part of a TCR registered campaign.

c.       On T-Mobile/Sprint, Customers must map individual numbers to the campaigns. Syniverse offers a 10DLC API that provisions the T-Mobile platform accordingly; optionally Syniverse may be able to offer professional services to help with this part of the process

Note: You need to also set / update OSR Net Number (same campaign ID as you have for the number on AT&T) + context attribute and coordinate these 2 things in near real-time to avoid traffic interruption since the context=A2P attribute can break traffic if the number is not already provisioned in T-Mobile network


Backward compatibility considerations v1 and v2

With the deployment of V2, Syniverse will continue to support the V1 HTTP endpoint and V1 ESS Notification Events with no changes. HTTP Response error codes for both V1 and V2 have not changed, however new error codes have been introduced.


In October 3rd, 2022, Syniverse published REST-HTTP / v2 endpoint and a new ESS event Topic [TenDlc-Provisioning-V2] for POST-DELETE LongCode/NumberPool and the new self-service troubleshooting GET Campaign API.


About GET Campaign for self-service troubleshooting. The new GET API is limited to V2 endpoints, nevertheless the GET API it will display information about all campaigns (the responses are V1 - V2 agnostic). Please restrict the use of GET API to troubleshooting and validations. For real-time notifications, please continue to use ESS event subscriptions. Users can find more details about this method in the Campaign Automation Details section.


About HTTP Error codes (Applicable to v1 and v2 API HTTP REST Endpoints)

The HTTP front end has been updated and it contains additional REST-HTTP V1 and V2 front end validations and errors as documented via the link: V2 ESS and V1/V2 HTTP Error Codes


Next Steps:

  1. Get familiar with Syniverse’s 10DLC provisioning API for T-Mobile
  2. Register ASAP all your Brands and the brands/business behind your customers on TCR
  •  Validate their scoring and classification as that may impact their MPS/TPS/limits on AT&T as well as daily MAX volumes on T-Mobile
  • Apply for secondary vetting on TCR for improvement of the score if needed
  • Apply with T-Mobile for daily cap exceptions (SBR’s) – if doing so, provide a solid use-case
  1. Identify those customers that have brands / businesses behind them, since most likely, they’ll need to be called out as a reseller. Brands should be called out individually as well as their campaigns and shall be properly registered by Customers in TCR and mapped to numbers in OSR and T-Mobile (this one via the Syniverse 10DLC provisioning API)
  2. If the campaign has 50 or more numbers you need to request permission for a number pool. A couple of T-Mobile considerations to keep in mind as you submit Number Pool approvals (those are going to be audited as well):
  • Number pools shall not be used by ISV or customers who may be using this approach to avoid the burden of registering individual brands
  • Numbers in a number pool shall not belong to multiple NNIDs
  • Do not provide generic information. Information provided must match TCR and phone numbers/emails need to be real; do not submit placeholder content.