10 DLC Overview

10 DLC Service Overview

In order to facilitate 10 DLC provisioning activities to T-Mobile/Sprint, Syniverse requests its customers to access a REST API that helps adding/deleting numbers from a 10 DLC campaign. Syniverse will process the Add/Delete number requests and ensure phone numbers are provisioned/de-provisioned accordingly from T-Mobile/Sprint platform reporting back to customers via call back API Event Management integration.

Additional Details:

The process to add numbers to a campaign on T-Mobile is different from the process of adding a campaign with AT&T; here some important differences:

a.       Unlike AT&T, unregistered traffic will NOT be accepted on T-Mobile/Sprint

b.       On AT&T, you just need OSR updates (phone number to campaign ID mapping) for the number to be part of a TCR registered campaign.

c.       On T-Mobile/Sprint, Customers must map individual numbers to the campaigns. Syniverse offers a 10DLC API that provisions the T-Mobile platform accordingly; optionally Syniverse may be able to offer professional services to help with this part of the process

Note: You need to also set / update OSR Net Number (same campaign ID as you have for the number on AT&T) + context attribute and coordinate these 2 things in near real-time to avoid traffic interruption since the context=A2P attribute can break traffic if the number is not already provisioned in T-Mobile network

Next Steps:

  1. Get familiar with Syniverse’s 10DLC provisioning API for T-Mobile
  2. Register ASAP all your Brands and the brands/business behind your customers on TCR
  •  Validate their scoring and classification as that may impact their MPS/TPS/limits on AT&T as well as daily MAX volumes on T-Mobile
  • Apply for secondary vetting on TCR for improvement of the score if needed
  • Apply with T-Mobile for daily cap exceptions (SBR’s) – if doing so, provide a solid use-case
  1. Identify those customers that have brands / businesses behind them, since most likely, they’ll need to be called out as a reseller. Brands should be called out individually as well as their campaigns and shall be properly registered by Customers in TCR and mapped to numbers in OSR and T-Mobile (this one via the Syniverse 10DLC provisioning API)
  2. If the campaign has 50 or more numbers you need to request permission for a number pool. A couple of T-Mobile considerations to keep in mind as you submit Number Pool approvals (those are going to be audited as well):
  • Number pools shall not be used by ISV or customers who may be using this approach to avoid the burden of registering individual brands
  • Numbers in a number pool shall not belong to multiple NNIDs
  • Do not provide generic information. Information provided must match TCR and phone numbers/emails need to be real; do not submit placeholder content.