Multi-Factor Authentication Overview



Syniverse Multi-Factor Authentication API (MFA) Service is available globally.



With identity theft being the fastest growing crime worldwide, companies need a way to protect their customers and safeguard their businesses from fraud. Syniverse Multi-Factor Authentication Service (MFA) provides companies with a set of APIs that enable a user’s identity to be verified by using multiple information sources. This REST-based authentication service generates and verifies a one-time password to authenticate a user’s identity via their mobile device. Additionally, the service enables customers to integrate their application with Syniverse’s API to trigger the delivery of a customized token and verify the authenticity of their end-users via SMS, voice or push notification. The Multi-Factor Authentication service supports a unique set of functionalities that allows Developers or Enterprise customers to easily initiate an authentication or verification flow for via their own UI application.

MFA service supports a wide range of features that provide customers with flexibility in developing a compelling authentication and verification solution:

  • Delivery of token to end-users via SMS, push or voice
  • Configuration and storage of multiple applications that drives MFA behavior
  • Association, validation and storage of end-user mobile numbers with an application
  • Generation and validation of MFA tokens
  • Customizable token length and format ( e.g. numeric, alpha, alphanumeric, complex)
  • Customizable token validity duration
  • Message templates for easy customization of SMS and voice token delivery message
  • Optional public channel for quick and easy SMS delivery of token to end-user

Multi-Factor Authentication requires a subscription to SMS, push or voice API services for token delivery. Additional charges apply for delivery services. Customers are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the Messaging Quickstart Guide.


Use Cases

  • Enterprise/Developer: Utilize MFA APIs to perform Multi-Factor Authentication login flows
  • End-User: Receives SMS, push messages or voice calls from the MFA service with authentication tokens


Supported Use Cases:

  • Password resets
  • 2-factor authentication
  • Mobile number association and validation
  • Number verification
  • User verification


Service Description


  1. Enterprise/developer uses MFA API to initiate an associate flow
  2. MFA generates a token using the application configuration and sends this token via SMS, push or voice to the end-user.
  3. The end-user enters the authentication token in the enterprise/developer application or UI
  4. The enterprise uses the MFA APIs to validate the token and complete association of the mobile number
  5. Subsequent authentication flow: The enterprise application can submit a login to start to generate and deliver a token to the end-user
  6. MFA delivers a token via the enterprise choice of service to end-user
  7. Repeats steps 3 and 4



For access to MFA API resources, please visit the MFA API resource page


  • SMS API Service: Supports personalizing messages, sending and receiving messages with different content types, recognizing and tracking threads of conversations and conversion events, and providing a higher level of analytical information on communication events
  • Voice API Service: Provides a set of calling features and functionalities that allow customers to trigger outbound calling to one or more recipients.
  • Push API Service: Offers an optional push notification mobile SDK that supports iOS and Android applications and interacts with our REST-based APIs.