Developer Community Gateway Services Overview


Syniverse Developer Community is available Globally. However, services hosted within the platform have specific regional availability restrictions. Please refer to the service overview pages to verify availability within your region.

Market Dynamics

In this fast paced connected world, it is now more important than ever for companies to quickly deploy new solutions to stay ahead of the competition and enhance end-user experiences. APIs have created a world of opportunity for companies to achieve these goals by quickly bringing new solutions to market without the need for extensive integration work. From business case to production, companies are able to quickly incorporate API services into their existing applications as soon as their requirements have been identified - without the need for extensive integration work.


Syniverse Developer Community is a platform which allows access to multiple Syniverse services while creating a single point of entry to manage your Company environment including users, payment methods, and applications that connect your environment to Syniverse services. Achieve positive business outcomes using Syniverse Developer Community by:

  • Enabling customizable application development and deployment
  • Accessing a breadth of turnkey APIs to optimize end-user experience
  • Accelerating go-to-market and reduce operating costs by utilizing an agile platform to enable your business strategy
  • Increasing revenue with cost-effective solutions that enhance your current offerings

Use Cases

For specific service use cases please refer to the following overview documents:

Service Description

Syniverse Developer Community offers several features to enable access to our secure and robust APIs.

Below is a short descriptions of each feature:

Company: Contains all of the information related to your environment, including users, payment methods, applications, subscriptions and billing addresses. The name of your Company can be a working name within the Syniverse Developer Community or a legal Company name.

User Profiles: Each user accessing services in Syniverse Developer Community must create their own user profile. User profile entitlements can be managed by the administrator of the company environment to control access and edit rights. For more information about entitlements, please refer to the Entitlements section in this document.

Account: Contains all funds used to consume services. Additionally, an account connects customer applications to Syniverse services (Note: make sure that your application is attached to the same account used to consume services).

There are two different account types: Pre-Pay and Post-Pay Account.

  • Pre-Pay Account: Allows customers to fund services using a credit card. This account type is ideal for short-term and low volume use cases where customers want to consume services quickly, and provide services on an as-needed basis.
  • Post-Pay Account: Syniverse tracks usage and sends an invoice to the customer at the end of each month. This is ideal for high-volume service consumption within the platform. Please contact Syniverse Sales to establish a post-pay account or submit a request through the Developer Community (Note: post-pay account request is currently only available for U.S. based companies).

Customers can set two different access settings for an account:

  • Open: Accessible by any user that has established a user profile within the company environment. It is recommended that open access to funds is limited to specific use cases to reduce risk.
  • Restricted: Limits user access to funds attached to a company account. If a user lacks the entitlement credentials to access a restricted account, the platform creates a confirmation task so a company administrator can validate the user.

If your organization is tax-exempt, please contact Syniverse through the “Help” button.

Payment Methods: Stores payment details to add more funds to your accounts. Before a credit card can be added as a payment method, details are verified by our payment processor. After details have been verified by our payment processor, a token is generated and will used in the future to verify funds added to your account. (Note: We will not store any details about your credit card in the Syniverse Developer Community. All credit card details are handled by the payment processor).

Please contact Syniverse if you're having trouble adding a payment method,

White-Listing Numbers: White-list contains all mobile phone numbers that can be used when testing any new application. Initial accounts in Syniverse Developer Community can only be used with white-listed phone numbers.To white-list a phone number, click "Add Phone Number" and enter your phone number in the ITU-T E.164 format (example format: +11234567890). Click "Send Confirmation Code.' This will send a randomly generated number to your mobile phone that you enter into the "Confirmation Code" field to confirm phone number white-list. Once this task is complete, your phone number will appear in the table as "Validated" status.

Application: contains all information on how your solutions connect and communicate with Syniverse Services. Key application elements are listed below:

  • Authentication Keys: Contain the necessary OAuth2 keys which are used to authenticate and authorize applications to consume services from the Syniverse Developer Community. There are three types of tokens: 'Consumer Key,' 'Consumer Secret' and 'Access Token' (also known as Bearer token).
  • Application Permissions: Allows customers to set additional security parameters for their application. Customers can set entitlement levels and add user token validation to application calls in order to protect usage and enhance security.

Accounts and APIs: Controls application funding and defines services the application is permitted to consume. The first step is to select an account to associate with an application. Once this step is complete, all services which were associated with the chosen account are now made available for selection. This enables customers to create multiple applications which are funded from one single account but serve different use cases.

Statistics and Reporting: Currently, the Syniverse Developer Community user-interface has three locations where statistics and reporting are shown:

  • Application Statistics Section
    • Displays usage based on service offering with success and fail API calls
    • Shows costs per resource. Chart points are clickable and reveal specific line items behind the data
  • Dashboard
    • Displays the amount of API calls made in the company environment during a calendar month
    • Shows funds available for use
  • Account
    • Under each specific account, a customer can view funds used for specific applications

Notifications: There are multiple notifications which are displayed to users based on their entitlements:

  • Information notifications: Actions which have occurred while logged out of platform (i.e. post-pay account approval).
  • Alert notifications: Actions that prevent you from using platform features (i.e. payment transactions required, payment transactions failed, new terms of service acceptance required).
  • Tasks notifications Actions required from entitled users (i.e. company join requests, restricted account usage request for an application).

Entitlements: Syniverse Developer Community controls access to the platform through entitlements. These entitlements come with two tiers: User and Application.

  • User Entitlements: Controlled under the "Manage Users" tab. These entitlements control user access to company resources (i.e. applications, accounts, service offerings and user access management)
  • Application Entitlements: Controlled under each specific application in the "Application Permissions" tab. This allows companies to limit application access and usage.

If you use the "Require User Token Validation" option, then each API call performed needs to include a header field "User Token". This token is then used to validate resources the application is permitted to consume. There needs to be an API call made to the login service to generate a user token.

Below is the entitlement matrix and explanation per setting:

Field User Application
Account User is permitted to access accounts within the Company. Does not allow users to provide restricted account access. Application is allowed to manage Company Accounts
Company Apps User is permitted to manage any applications created in the Company Application is allowed to manage other applications in the Company
Liabilities User can subscribe to service offerings, manage payments and approve restricted account associations Application can be used to subscribe to offerings, manage payments and approve restricted account associations
User Apps User can manage applications they create in the platform for the Company Application is allowed to create and control applications through an API call
User Management User can manage entitlements for all Company users Application can be used to manage user entitlements in the platform
View Data User can view Company data. This includes user lists, accounts, payment methods and billing addresses Application can use SDC UI API's to request data related to the Company


To access Syniverse Developer Community, please complete the Sign Up registration process. If you have already created a user profile, simply Login to the platform.