Omni-Channel Messaging Overview


The Messaging API Service is available globally with connections to over 200 operators and 7+ billion mobile devices worldwide.


Market Dynamics

Ever-Expanding Internet of Things (IoT) to Fuel SMS API Integration

We will see the SMS channel become the trusted delivery mechanism for the connected world. Whether supporting mission-critical infrastructure for the industry, driving connected cities, or supporting IoT applications with a high threat level, such as connected health devices, the SMS channel will be essential for prompt and secure message delivery.

SMS is already being used for a variety of consumer and industry-facing use cases in the emerging IoT world. From an SMS being sent to alert an owner that their car battery needs to be replaced to technicians being made aware of an equipment malfunction in the field; there is no shortage of SMS use cases supporting the next wave of the IoT revolution. Next year, the potential for SMS APIs will grow even further, with IoT driving demand for the integration of SMS messaging at various points in the ecosystem.



The Syniverse Omni-Channel Messaging API service offers a set of high functioning REST-based APIs with support for communication features suitable for small to large businesses, individual developers and enterprise developer customers. Our simple and easy to use set of APIs allow developers to add communication functionalities that support a wide range of use cases to their application in no time.


Use Cases

Syniverse Omni-Channel Messaging API provides support for a wide variety of communication use cases that customers can tailor their application to. Here are a few examples:

  • Events and Notifications - Customer service alerts, fraud alerts, appointment reminders, delivery confirmations
  • Verification Messages - OTP (one-time passwords), authentication alerts, confirmation alerts, number verification
  • Customer Engagement - Group Messaging, Mobile marketing campaigns, surveys, polls and contests, text and multimedia messages
  • Advanced Messaging - Cross-channel messaging, messaging bots, conversational commerce, text language translation
  • Toll-Free Messaging - Offers customers the option to engage end-users through a 2-way communication channel via SMS or MMS messaging using a Toll-free number.


Service Description

The Messaging API Service supports personalizing messages, sending and receiving messages with different content types, recognizing and tracking threads of conversations and conversion events, and providing a higher level of analytical information on communication events. The API is granular but suitable for reuse within solutions that perform higher level functionality.

Customers that subscribe to the Messaging API service can refer to the API Resource documentation for details on available resources, API call configurations and specifications of attributes that are required to successfully integrate any of the Messaging channels services into their applications.


Customers can access the API via the Syniverse Developer Gateway. Customers can register for an account and subscribe to the Voice and Messaging API from within the portal, and API resources and links to libraries and sample codes can be found here


  • Event Manager: Enables customers to view and receive event notifications associated with their messaging service operations. The Event Manager is a REST based callback service which supports delivery configuration over Basic or OAuth2.0 authentication. 
  • Link Management Service: Offers link tracking capabilities for message requests. URLs within messages can be flagged for tracking. For tracked URLs, the service will replace the long-form URL with a shortened URL that points to link tracking. When the end-user navigates to the tracked URL, the link tracking service will update the message status to "CLICKTHRU" to show that the link was clicked.
  • P2P Messaging : This services offers 2-way Person-to-Person SMS or MMS communication over a regular Telephone number. Customer can access the SMS or MMS API to integrate their application with this service.
  • Consent Management Service: Manages the opt-in and opt-out of end users. For all sender addresses (currently U.S. short codes only) subscribed to the consent management service, the Syniverse API service will check the status all message recipients when delivering messages to ensure the appropriate consent has been granted. For more information on the Consent management service, please refer to the consent management service overview
  • Text Translate: Allows customers to enhance communications with recipients by providing an optional text language translation service. This feature, when enabled as part of a message request or based on a recipient language preference in the contact list, enables the body of the SMS message to be translated to a language specified by the customer. Syniverse supports body text translation of any message across SMS in over 100 native languages globally. Currently, English is the source language that we translate from. For a list of supported languages, please refer to the user guide